About TapUAE


TapUAE is a Local Classifieds & advertising portal – community moderated and largely free. TapUAE is our local marketplace to bring together the largest and the most engaged consumer audience. It is UAE’s simplest most user friendly one stop classified booking service.


The scope of the Internet today is hard to imagine. It is estimated that there are more than 600 billion Web pages (more than 100 pages for every person on the planet). But getting new information onto Web sites in an organized way can still prove challenging! It was time for our state of the art invention and introduce - TapUAE. The brilliant opportunity came on November 27th, 2013 at 5:30 pm when United Arab Emirates was elected as the host country of the World Expo 2020. With three years of extensive rigorous market capitalization and becoming local know-how experts, we introduced TapUAE under our parent holding company – GoVirtualWorld. It excels to connect the world for the common good, spanning the entire length and breadth of UAE. We pride ourselves on being the go-to place from everything from cars to flats, electronics to consumable goods, jobs to necessities of living in our proud nation.


TapUAE - is one amongst UAE’s first companies to embrace a people-friendly work ethic both onshore and offshore. We realize that every Tapper - as we call ourselves, Buyers and sellers - comes in to trade challenges; something that cannot be done primitively with a location specific newspaper marketing and distribution. And so, we’ve worked to create a perfect Electronic Ad platform that ensures every Tapper is inspired and engaged constantly, be it a Sunday or a Thursday.

E-commerce in UAE is going through its most exciting phase and we believe that TapUAE can play a transformational role in improving commerce support of our 2020 vision. More importantly, we want to improve the quality of lives of people that add value in our country. It is our endeavor to fulfill this responsibility towards UAE by delivering a world-class buy / sell customer experience, driving innovations in mobile commerce and bringing in disruptive technologies. Together, we will shape the future of e-commerce, e-Link, e-Ad, e-Classifieds, and e-Services in UAE.

Our Ads2020Dubai.ae vision – We aim to be the most comprehensive property website, focused on empowering users with the resources they need to make better – informed decisions. We extend our services and help buyers both find their next home and research the market by combining thousands of property listings with market data, local information and community tools. We aim to be UAE’s largest digital motor marketplace. TapUAE sits at the heart of UAE’s vehicle buying process and its primary activity is to help vehicle retailers compete effectively and transparently on the marketplace in order to sell more vehicles faster.

We are patrons of 100% transparency and everything we do is aimed at making the market more efficient for both buyers and sellers at our Tapper’s platform. We have rapidly become the UAE’s leading online destination for consumables buyers and sellers, the favored marketing partners for UAE estate agents, property developers, electronics wholesalers, Job banks, car dealers and eCommerce forums. We extend our gratitude to our preferred partners, banks, insurance companies and major marketing pioneers in the region.

TapUAE is a part of GoVirtualWorld Group –

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