Emission Test

As per legislation in Dubai, vehicles must undergo vehicle tests to ensure vehicles are road worthy, and failing this test means that the vehicle may not be taken out on the road.

In fact, 19 per cent of light vehicles, 30 per cent of heavy vehicles, and 10 per cent of motorcycles fail the test, said Sultan Al Marzooki, Director of Vehicles Licensing, RTA's Licensing Agency.

Book the test appointment

Vehicle testing can be a time-consuming job. Depending on the time and location of the service centre, car owners may end up in long queues while waiting for their test to be done, or the test result.

"The average end-to-end service time ranges from 20 - 40 minutes, depending on the volume of customers," says the RTA.

The RTA recently launched a booking option for the vehicle testing. Individuals as well as companies can contact the call centre of the RTA (8009090) to book an appointment for technical testing of their vehicles, or directly contact the service centres listed on RTA's website.

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