Dubai Rental Dispute Center

RDC, the judicial arm of Land Department, would cater to the requirements of the upcoming phase which need flexible plans, mechanisms and new methods as well as excelling in speed, precision and transparency in dealing with issues related to the real estate market. RDC, having competent judicial system shall hear the rental disputes and develop procedures through quick and simple mechanism to social and economic stability for all those concerned with property leasing and related sectors leading eventually to support sustainable development in Dubai. Transparent services offered by RDC will enable all parties to work and live in an environment governed by clear rules defining the duties and responsibilities of the Landlords and the Tenants.

In its turn, RDC will also play a vital role in attracting more investors to the Emirate's real estate sector in particular bringing about an atmosphere of trust in the real estate environment. RDC is competent to carry out settlement of all rental disputes arising between property landlords and tenants in the Emirate or inside the Free Zones including counterclaims arising from such disputes and the requests to take temporary or summary procedures submitted by any party to the lease contract, deciding on the appeals filed against the decisions and judgments that may be appealed in accordance with the provisions of this Decree, and the regulations and resolutions issued thereunder. Enforcement of decisions and judgments on rental cases issued by the Tribunals shall fall within RDC's authority.


  • File a dispute proceeding: How to reach an amicable settlement within a legal framework guaranteeing the rights of disputing parties to the contractual relationship.
  • Lawsuits in First Instance or Appellate Tribunals: Requirements and registration fees for rental lawsuits ((to be heard by First Instance or Appellate Tribunals))
  • Judgment Enforcement Proceedings: Mechanism and requirements of enforcing lawsuit Judgments appended Enforcement Seal.
  • Litigants Support: This package enables access to a number of services assisting the disputing parties to the rental lawsuit.
  • Provisional and Urgent Affairs: This service allows issuance of an order by Provisional and Urgent Affairs Judge on provisional and summary action binding upon both parties, without prejudice to the rights.
  • Objection over Judgments and Decisions: This service allows access to the mechanism of Grievance against decisions, Review Request of the Judgments by First Instance or Appellate Tribunals in accordance with the legally specified conditions

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