UAE Opportunities for UAE Nationals

​UAE and Dubai is committed to the welfare of its people and recognize its citizens as its greatest assets. Towards this goal, it encourages the public and private sector on Emiratisation policies for citizens in both the government and the private sector. The National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (TANMIA) and the Emirates Nationals Development Programme (ENDP) have played a stellar role in encouraging and promoting Emiratisation policies in the UAE.

The UAE leadership is also concerned about jobs and employment for the disabled. In November 2006, the UAE Federal Government passed the UAE Disability Act (Federal Law No.29/2006) to protect the rights of people with disabilities and special needs. This law stipulates that UAE nationals with special needs have the same right to work and occupy public positions. Towards fulfilling these rights, the Community and Development Authority in Dubai has introduced the El Kayt (Arabic for 'lifeboat') programme for the employment of people with disabilities, by empowering and integrating them with jobs in leading institutions in the public and private sectors.

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