Car Valuation Guides

The used car business remains brisk as hundreds of cars are bought and sold - second, third or even, sometimes, fourth hand in the UAE every day. It's a sweet deal for everyone as buyers usually get a bargain, and sellers have something nicer to look forward to, though here, such deals can sometimes turn sour. To put the mark of authenticity on the price of the car in question, in come the car valuation experts to determine used car values, part of the wider automotive business intelligence world.

Independent car valuation services abound in the UAE, and are usually found in neighborhoods that are dedicated to all things car, like Al Aweer in Dubai, Motor World Automotive in the capital and the upcoming Al Roq'ah Al Hamra in Sharjah.

Some offer free online services like used car valuation calculator where the buyer/seller can simply enter his car's make, year, model, mileage, body type, series, etc., and get an instant ballpark figure on its current market car resale value. Some online valuation services require more in-depth information like whether or not the car has a full service history, whether or not it is under a service contract, and whether or not it has a warranty. Some car valuation firms come to personally inspect the car and issue a Certified Valuation.

When selling your car, it is best to assess the condition and car resale value of your vehicle honestly and go to different valuation companies before quoting a reasonable price that most buyers will find acceptable, while providing you the returns you expect. As a buyer, it is important to do a quick check of the vehicle yourself, preferably at daytime and under good lighting, and examine the service history booklet. Bring in your valuation expert when you are seriously considering buying the car.