Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)

The regulatory arm of the Land Department, where the department sets legislations to regulate the relationship between all contracting parties and to organises the exchange process of properties. The department provides many services to clients in Dubai extending to its role in planning, organising and evaluating operations related to real estate licenses, and the organisation and development of real estate activities, as well as a commitment to monitor projects financially and technically, in order to protect investors.


  • Project Status Tracking Service
  • Rental Increase Calculator
  • Search for Approved Brokers
  • Search for Approved Developers
  • Ejari System
  • Service Charge Index
  • Categories of Real Estate Broker Cards
  • Professional Community
  • Search for Approved Trustees
  • Search for Approved Auditors
  • Lease Brokrage Agreement Between The Owner And Broker
  • Property Viewing Form
  • Lease Brokrage Agreement Between the Broker and Tenant

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