Lego 75099 Star Wars Rey'S Speeder

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Posted: 28 Dec 2016



Category:Baby Items
Sub-Category:Baby Toys
Age: Less than 1 year
Location: Jumeirah Islands
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The LEGO 75099 Star Wars Rey's Speeder helps your child reimagine scenarios portrayed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The miniature pieces that this LEGO toy set comprises of are accurately designed and rendered to resemble elements and character from the epic space opera movie. This set consists of a Rey minifig with a miniature side mounted bag, a miniature dual stud shooter, a miniature blaster, a miniature buzzsaw, a set of miniature electrobinoculars, an Unkar's thug minifig, Rey's Speeder vehicle, a miniature sled, a miniature crowbar, and assorted miniature extra pieces. This toy set makes an excellent addition to an existing Star Wars Lego toy set tableaux or collection.



Includes 193 pieces


Recommended Age: 7 to 12 Years



The LEGO 75099 Star Wars Rey's Speeder helps your child recreate and reimagine scenes from the iconic Star Wars movie series wherever he or she desires. This toy set consists of all the elements that define Rey's scouting of a desert planet and her chance encounter with an Unkar's thug. Let your child reenact the scenes in countless ways for many hours worth of amusement.

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Agent: praful pravin
Company: GoVirtual Limited
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Lego 75099 Star Wars Rey'S Speeder

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Age: Less than 1 year
Condition: Very Good


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