Pro Solid Single Aerobic Stepper, Gray

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Posted: 28 Dec 2016



Category:Sports Equipment
Sub-Category:Exercise Equipment
Age: Less than 1 month
Location: Emirates Living
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Step up to a total-body workout at home with the Pro Solid Single Aerobic Stepper. This stepper helps you to tone your body and provides with a full workout. You can use it for alternating lunges, which can target your gluts and hamstrings and tone them. This Pro Solid Single Aerobic Stepper is the ideal tool to help boost your workout routine and lose weight.


Product Features:


  • Offers a secure, non-slip surface for your workout routine
  • Accommodates users of all fitness levels to help build endurance, strength and improve overall fitness
  • Target glutes and hamstrings with alternating lunges
  • Strengthen chest and back with adjustable position pushups
  • Get on your way to fitness in the comfort of your home
  • Color: Gray

Seller Details

Agent: praful pravin
Company: GoVirtual Limited
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Pro Solid Single Aerobic Stepper, Gray

Technical Features

Age: Less than 1 month
Condition: Excellent


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